Things you hated growing up....

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...but you love now.

I was reading a post on Karen's Blog, Chookooloonks. She listed 10 things she hated as a kids, but have grown to love. I have to admit, I wanted to copy this so bad, and....here it is.
1. Short hair - as a child my hair was long, but as I got older my hair became a little shorter. I've grown to appreciate my hair and I'm loving it.

2. My eye color - i always wanted green eyes, because my dad has green eyes, but I love my brown eyes and they are a little lighter in the sun.

3. Almonds - for some reason I didn't like almonds as a child and my twin sister loved them, but now I love them in chocolate and I like almond flavor in cakes and cookies.

4. Beer - it's growing on me.

5. Wine - i love wine; can't live without it.

6. Talk radio - loving NPR. I listen all day long.

7. My sister - i am a twin and when we were little, we had to share everything. Now I can't say that I hated her, but there were days when I did not like her at all.But now that we are old, wiser and live a state away from each other, I miss her so much!!!

8. Short finger nails - i always wanted long finger nails as a child. Now as an adult, my nails grown all the time and I cut them all the time. I love short finger nails.

9. squash - LOVE IT!

10. coffee - i've always loved the smell of coffee, but it was just too bitter. Now I drink it everyday

So, what are some things you hated as a kid, but have grown to love?

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