40 day challenge

Why this blog:

My sister and I have aways participated in Lent (although we are not Catholic). We thought it was a good idea to give up something for 40 days until Easter. And on Easter Sunday we would celebrate! I remember once my sister gave up soda, then on Easter Sunday, she had a Sprite and threw up.

Last year (2009) we both gave up fast food. It was a challenge for me, but my sister was awesome. On Easter Sunday we thought it would be a great thing to continue by setting a small goal every 40 days because what we were starting to realize was that when we gave up things, although we would go back to them, we really did start to make better choices (water vs. soda and eating at home vs. fast food).

As a training in my industry, I've started to talk a little about this 40 Day Thing with the participants in my class and many think it's a great idea. They want to use it to become better listener or to go back to school.

I will try post my 40 day goals and give you a glimpse of my daily moments.

So let the fun begin!