Somethings about me...

1. I like to read, but I never have the time.
2. I just finished a masters degree (I should have time now).
3. I love a good cup of coffee, even before bed (coffee always makes me feel better).
4. I always have a knitting project with me.
5. I love a clean house.
6. My house is not clean most of the time.
7. I like to color. Crayons are great, but Sharpies are the best.
8. I love rainy day (when I don't have to leave the house).
9. I love to watch the sun set.
10. I'm a homebody -- I love being at home.
11. Sometime I am very bored at home.
12. I don't like surprises.
13. I hate eating off of paper plates.
14. I listen to NPR daily (my kids think I'm crazy).
15. I hate wearing shoes, but I can't stand walking around my house without flip flops.
16. I put pj's on as soon as I get home from work.
17. I hate having my finger nails painted; and I love them short.
18. I love having my toe nails painted (most of the time a red color).
19. I love reading blogs.
20. I have a hard time saving money, but I'm getting better.

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