May 20 - A New 40 Days

On May 20, another 40 days will start.

I have slacked on the last two 40 days, but I have to report...I'm a college graduate again....with a masters degree this time. And it feels good, but now what. Yes that the question not only do I continue to ask myself, but other people are asking also. Now that others are asking, I'm really starting to question if I am supposed to be doing something else...something more. {pondering here.}

So on May 20, another great 40 days will start. May 20 is a great day because it's my youngest son's birthday. He is a neat (did I just say neat...yep, I did) little ball of power. He is the one who has taught me about setting goals and more importantly, how to make a plan to reach them.

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